Officer of the Year Award

George W. Farmer Line Officer of the Year Award

Nate George, Drug Court Officer of the Marion County Adult Probation Department

of the Common Pleas Court, was presented with the Probation Officer of the Year Award in June 2014.

The OCPOA is a state association comprised of chief administrators of probation services and community control agencies operated by the Courts and/or the State of Ohio who are actively involved with probation services programs, in both adult and juvenile sectors. To that purpose, the association was desirous of recognizing and honoring officers in the field of probation.

This award is presented to probation officers who have performed their duties in an outstanding manner and/or made significant contributions to the field of probation at the local, state of federal level. The recipient may also have brought credit or honor to the profession through participation or involvement in community activities or programs. This is a practitioner award for those field officers or a team of field officers actively involved in supervision.

Any member of the Ohio Chief Probation Officers Association can submit nominations by utilizing the application attached for any staff position in the State of Ohio. All individuals who are nominated will be recognized at the annual Line Officers Training Institute and the individual or team who is awarded the George W. Farmer Award will be submitted to the American Probation and Parole Association's Scotia Knouf National Line Officer of the Year Award.

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