For your convenience, dog tag renewals are now offered online. There is a $2.25 per dog and $.50 per order surcharge collected by a third party that handles the online sales. Credit cards are accepted; no debit cards. You may renew your dog tags online beginning December 1st.  Online payments will be only accepted until 11:59 p.m. on January 31st.   Please click here to purchase tags online.

Licensing Your Dog


First, licensing is a state law requirement.

Second, the license attached to your dog's collar will identify you as the owner should the dog become lost or impounded at the dog pound.

  • With a license, your dog can be kept for up to 14 days.
  • Without a license, your dog can be held for no more than 3 days according to state law.
  • Your responsibility as a dog owner is to contact the Dog Warden's office if your dog is missing, so the Warden can return your dog to you.

All dogs must be licensed by 3 months of age or within 30 days of taking ownership of the dog.   Dog tag renewal season runs from December 1st through January 31st.  Late purchase or renewal of licenses are subject to a $16.00 penalty per license.

Dog Tag Pricing

1 Year Dog Tags - $16.00

3 Year Dog Tags - $48.00

Permanent Dog Tags - $160.00


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